Documenting Baby P’s First Year – Month 11

photo 21

Baby P is 11 months old! How did that happen?! I can’t believe I will have a one year old in less than a month, it’s so bitter sweet because while I am loving how he has become such a fun little boy I still miss him being a squishy baby. This past month alone he has become even more of a little person, he is even starting to form his first little words, in addition to “Mama” and “Dada” he now says “this” and “that” (words that are usually accompanied by a little finger pointing frantically at the object of interest, lol), he is even beginning to be able to mimic words we say, although he doesn’t know what he is saying, haha. He still loves the outdoors, animals (dogs especially!) and nature in general, we genuinely feel bad when we bring him back indoors after playing outside because he looks so sad, ha! We are also enjoying his love of food as he much prefers to share what J and I are eating than his own food (which is fine by me, less time spent making separate meals for him, lol). Here he is with his football themed chalkboard (since it’s still 90 degrees here almost everyday I thought doing a fall themed board would be a little premature, ha!), sporting one of my DIY tie onsies in support of his favorite team – the NY Giants, duh! If you love these chalkboard updates as much as I do check out his other boards for birth-six months, seven months, eight months, nine months and ten months as well as all of my pregnancy chalkboards. Next chalkboard update will be for baby P’s one year marks, somebody pinch me! 🙂

photo 11

I should have redone the lettering but it was midnight and I was tired 😛

photo 31

Happy little frog!

photo 2 (1)

I wanted to get the football in the picture but he was more interested in throwing it, lol.

photo 1

He was super excited!

Documenting My Pregnancy with Baby P

From the minute we found out we were expecting our tiny baby I knew I wanted to document the pregnancy in a creative way, other than with maternity photos. Even before I became pregnant I was in LOVE with the chalkboard pregnancy pics on one of my favorite blogs ever, Little Baby Garvin. While the creator of Little Baby Garvin is MUCH more beautiful and talented than I, she was my inspiration for my chalkboard pregnancy documentation. Go check out her blog, it is SUPER cute and she’s got a great Etsy shop with all of her chalkboard designs. In adapting my chalkboard idea from Little Baby Garvin, I took the easier route and used Chalk Pens instead of regular chalk as they are easier to draw with and I used a pre-made chalkboard that I purchased on Amazon (although with my next baby I may use one of my own DIY chalkboards :)). I love looking back and seeing my progress throughout the pregnancy and I EXTRA love that I continued doing these chalkboards to document Baby P’s first year of life (check out that post here) :). Hope you enjoy all the pics!

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