New Year, old projects – catching up on the blog!

Wow it has certainly been a while. Surprise! I haven’t made good on my promise to update more regularly BUT one of my promises I’m making to myself (and to my followers) for the New Year is to post much more frequently and find more time write.

Although I’ve been short on time to write I certainly haven’t been short on time to craft and create! I’ve got a whole slew of great projects to share with you guys including some of my favorite furniture re-furbs to date! Also, if you’ve been looking for some wedding or event inspiration I had myself quite a time creating lots of unique pieces for a few fall weddings and events that I’m so excited to share with you.

As far as my little fam goes I’d like to say that the Schulze clan definitely rocked 2015. After our move to Quantico I spent the remainder of the summer and most of the fall traveling between Q and LI (with my little sidekick P in tow!) to fulfill my MOH duties, crafting all the while! It was definitely an exciting year filled with the love of friends and family and lots of fun, but with a little personal event kind of bumming me out at the close of the year I’m pretty excited to move forward and see what 2016 has to offer (all positive things I hope :)). Hope you all enjoyed 2015 as much as we did and I hope that you keep an eye out as I catch you up on all of this year’s projects!

Here are a few of our family highlights!

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