Pinching Our Pennies



Money. I will be the first to admit, I am terrible with money, I’m great with numbers and could create a budget or money saving plan for anyone other than myself in a heartbeat but when it comes to my own money – I AM THE WORST! That being said, it seems silly for me to offer up any sort of money saving advice, given my inclination to spend every last dime that I come into contact with lol – enter Joseph. My hubby is amazing with money. When I first met him he was 22 years old, had just finished up his enlistment in the USMC (making under $1000 per month after taxes) and while many of his peers were running out to buy a 40K car on a 15K annual salary, J was pinching his pennies and continued to make sound financial decisions for the years to come. Flash forward to almost seven years later my hubby and I make a great money-saving team, lucky for him, my creativity and love of crafting lends itself to living on a budget. Here I will share with you our little ways of saving, my money saving projects (nothing elaborate, I’m not one of those people claiming to live on 28K a year or anything like that lol) and how we can still live a pretty damn good life while still building a decent little nest egg  🙂

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