I LOVE to cook. Aside from crafting I find cooking to be one of the most therapeutic things and I look forward to having my glass (or bottle, pre-breast feeding days lol jk) of wine at the end of the day while I cook with my hubby and we discuss our day. Although I enjoy a good dinner out as much as the next gal, we have found it best to limit our dining out and focus more on eating healthy, home cooked meals in order to remain within our budget and most of all to spend more time together as a family. Here I will share some of my original recipes as well as my trials of other recipes as I cook my way through my “Food!” Pinterest board lol. I’ll also share my weekly meal plans (and when I get a bit more blog-saavy, my shopping lists too), in case anybody wants some easy ideas for some good tried and true weeknight meals, and so I can have an easy reference of my own for future meals 🙂

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